College Credit Plus is an initiative by the Ohio Department of Education to allow high school students to attain college credit up to 30 semester hours per school year tuition free at Ohio public institutions by the 2017-18 school year.  The college courses will be added to the students’ high school and college transcripts.  It will be the students’ responsibility to ensure the college courses taken transfer to the college or university of their choosing by talking to individual colleges or using an online service like, transferology.com.  Students will also be responsible for obtaining their college transcript of completed coursework to the institution they are transferring the credits.
    Parent & Student Power Point Presentation - January 25, 2017 - Click HERE for the Presentation
    CCP Parent & Student Handbook - 2017-2018 - Click HERE to view
    Intent to Participate Form - Due to School Counselor by April 1, 2017 - Click HERE to view
    Transportation Waiver and Release Form - Needed if driving to and from a college campus - Click HERE to view
    Frequently Asked Questions for Parents & StudentsCLICK HERE
    College Credit Plus Parent GuideCLICK HERE
    ACT Practice Booklet  - Click HERE  to view
    ACCUPLACER Study Information - Click HERE for the College Board Accuplacer website

    College Algebra = College Algebra (TBD) = 3 or 4 Credits

    MTC Block = Psychology, Sociology, Oral Comm, Diversity (MTC) = 12 credits

    Spanish 4 = Beginning Spanish II (WSU) = 3 Credits

    French 4 = Beginning French II (WSU) = 3 Credits

    Photography 2 = Digital Image Manipulation (MTC) = 3 Credits

    Project Management and Supply Chain Systems (CSCC) = 3 Credits

    Principles of Business (CSCC) = 3 Credits

    Finance Accounting (CSCC) = 3 Credits (Pending Approval)

    Advanced Global Logistics Management (CSCC) = 3 Credits
     Additional college courses may be taken at participating College Credit Plus institutions provided that the student meets the admission criteria of the institution.  For a full listing of courses offered, please review the course catalog on the institution’s website.

    The Ohio State University 2017-2018: 
    Marion Technical College 2017-2018:
    Click HERE for the MTC CCP Website & CLICK HERE for All Registration Materials
    Columbus State Community College 2017-2018
    & CLICK HERE for All Registration Materials

     The University of Toledo

    Numerous courses that may be taken virtually.
    To learn more about their program, visit: http://www.utoledo.edu/admission/dualcredit/index.html.
    Click HERE for the College Credit Plus Consent & Approval Form
    Ohio Wesleyan University
    Summer Courses Available: http://summersession.owu.edu/. These courses are not under College Credit Plus, and families will have to pay tuition.
    Click HERE to go to the CCP page at OWU for the online application! Click HERE for the Counselor Recommendation Form. See more information about CCP requirements at OWU.
     OWU has a 2+2 program with Columbus State: CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION
    Wright State University 2017-2018
    Click HERE for the online application.
     Click HERE for the Instructions and WSU Information.
    Click HERE for the online writing assessment (required if you don't have qualifying test scores).
    WSU Math Test Waiver (required if you don't have qualifying test scores) Click HERE for the Form

    For additional information on the College Credit Plus program,