The Diploma with Honors is awarded to seniors who meet the requirements as determined by the Ohio Department of Education. GPA’s for the diploma with Honors and Academic Awards are calculated based on the grades earned for completed course and the first semester averages for year-long classes of the year in question. All must be high school credits and are in addition to Hayes High School graduation requirements.


    AP Courses and Honors-Level Courses are NOT required to earn the Honors Diplomas.


    Click the link to see the Honors Diploma Criteria.  Additional criteria have been set forth for the Class of 2026 & beyond.  (Students in the Classes of 2024, & 2025 may use either criteria to meet the Honors Diploma requirements.). Click HERE for a cheat sheet of the Class of 2026 & beyond Honors Diploma Criteria.


    Guidance Documents from the Ohio Department of Education about the Field Experience and Portfolio.

    Hayes High School's Field Experience Agreement Form.
Last Modified on January 29, 2024